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Unguarded stairwell plunge left worker with shattered heel

The main contractor for a building site in Ash, Canterbury, has been sentenced after a worker fell 3 metres through an unprotected stairwell opening.

Folkestone Magistrates’ Court was told that a subcontractor to Brown Construction was laying bricks for the second storey of a house when the accident happened.  There was an opening in the floor where the stairs were to be installed and the worker slipped and fell through it.  He landed on his feet shattering his left heel, which required surgery.  

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that no measures were in place to prevent workers falling through the stairwell. 

Brown Construction pleaded guilty to breaching reg 4(1) of the Working at Height Regulations, which requires employers to properly plan and supervise work at height and ensure it is carried out in a safe manner. 

The company was fined £17,333.