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Fire Warden 16 Feb 2022

Duration: 3.5 hours The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that a company must appoint a sufficient number of people to perform evacuation duties, as well as ensuring that all the fire safety systems within the premises are fully functioning (e.g. fire alarms, emergency lighting, extinguishers etc.) Course includes: Types of extinguishers and their use […]

Let’s work together to promote inclusion in the workplace

#NationalInclusionWeek2021 is upon us, starting today and ending on 3rd October 2021. The week is a platform, a celebration and an opportunity to really bring inclusionary focused practices to the forefront, which is especially important to employers and employees. During the pandemic we have seen a number of high-profile incidents and movements through the media with respect […]

Make time to save lives

Gryffindor, Dumbledore, Mordor, Fire door. What is the difference? I have no idea what a Gryffindor, Dumbledore, or Mordor are. Now we’ve established that popular culture is not my area of expertise, let’s move on to something that is. Fire doors. Why are they important? Fire doors help contain the fire and smoke to the area […]

Why has agriculture got the worst rate of worker fatality in the UK?

Recent figures show that over the last 12 months there has been close to a 100% increase in deaths in the farming industry due to workplace incidents (interestingly, this follows an all time low number in 2019-20) – 18 times higher than the average rate across all other industries, and this is unacceptable.  Farmers and […]