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The Tipping Point

On 15th July 2022, the Government gave backing to The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill (the “Tip Bill”) meaning it is more than likely we will see new Legislation in the not-too-distant future surrounding customer tips to your staff. The Tip Bill looks to secure a fair deal for workers and act on unfair tipping […]

Four day week??

The not-for-profit group, 4 Day Week Global, have started a six-month pilot of a four-day working week. Around 70 employers across the UK are taking part in the pilot, with around 77,00 employees affected by the study. The study is inspired by other international countries such as Denmark and Sweden, where a four-day working week […]

Employment status – what you need to know

An individual’s employment status defines the rights and protections they are entitled to receive at work. As a result, employment status directly affects the responsibilities and obligations of an employer.  With a view of ensuring an employer does not breach an individual’s employment rights, it is essential that the employer has at least a basic […]

Recruitment: the challenges ahead

Before Brexit, Covid-19 and the recent widespread increase in the cost of fuel, recruitment was always a matter that required specific attention and resource to effectively find the best employees suited to your business.  Recruitment can always be challenging, but the landscape created and left by the political, biological and economic factors above, has meant […]

It’s National Sickie Day!

By Daniel Bunce, HR Advisor No, that doesn’t mean we can all call in sick, but National “Sickie” Day is usually marked on the first Monday in February – this year’s being today, Monday 7th February. Why? Because, according to research and reports, it’s traditionally the day that records the highest proportion of people reporting in […]