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£48,000 fine after worker crushed in lift

An employee of Walkabout bar in Swansea was using a goods lift to transport heavy chairs. So that he was able to fit eight chairs in the lift in one go, he overrode a safety mechanism allowing the inner door to remain open. However, as the lift moved up from the basement level, the leg of […]

£160,000 fine after child killed by runaway pole

An employee of SPIE Ltd dropped off overhead power poles to a roadside embankment in an Ayreshire village. They were left at the top of a slope and were not secured in any way. Later, a group of children were playing in the area. 12 year old Kieran Esquierdo was standing on one of the 10-metre long, […]

Engineering company fined after wooden bearer causes fatal injury to employee

An engineering company has been fined following the death of an employee who was struck on the head by a wooden bearer in the yard of a fabrication workshop. Hamilton Sheriff Court heard how, James Longair, 62 was helping a colleague who was operating a side loader at IODS Pipe Clad Limited in East Kilbride, […]