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Worker impaled when using wrong steps to clean ovens

Country Style Foods Ltd were sentenced for safety breaches after a worker was impaled upon a set of ‘airline’ style steps. Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard that, the employee was working at height on a set of steps to reach and clean the top oven in a stack of horizontal ovens. He slipped whilst on the […]

Poor planning leads to worker falling through roof light

Property partnership Alex Brewster and Sons has been fined £4,000 after an employee fell through a roof light. Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard how, two employees were removing roofing panels from a derelict shed in Midlothian. One of the workers stepped on to a roof light, which gave way causing him to fall to the floor […]

Another ball on the roof? We look at this often overlooked risk in schools and sports clubs

The governing body of a high school was recently fined £10,000 after routine maintenance work went wrong.  The assistant site manager was removing footballs from the sixth form centre roof when he lost his footing, falling more than three metres to the ground, sustaining multiple fractures. The HSE’s investigation found that, despite it being a […]

Propert company fined £1.1 million after a worker fell 3 metres

An engineer was testing a sprinkler system at a site in Hemel Hempstead.  In the course of his investigations he climbed onto an internal roof using an extension ladder. The ladder slipped and he fell 3 metres into the gap between the internal roof and the external wall.  Once safely extracted he received treatment for […]