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Remember, remember, it’s the 5th of November…

Remember, remember, it’s the 5th of November…so make sure you remember to implement appropriate controls to reduce the potential for explosions in your workplace! Not quite as catchy as the original, is it? Oh DSEAR. Who needs a DSEAR Assessment? More than you’d think.  Whether you’re a small business or a big organisation, making sure you’re on […]

Make time to save lives

Gryffindor, Dumbledore, Mordor, Fire door. What is the difference? I have no idea what a Gryffindor, Dumbledore, or Mordor are. Now we’ve established that popular culture is not my area of expertise, let’s move on to something that is. Fire doors. Why are they important? Fire doors help contain the fire and smoke to the area […]

Broadcast August 2021

This month’s Broadcast includes important contributions from our HR, Health & Safety and Compliance teams, all on the subject of Covid and the impact it continues to have on businesses throughout the UK, from supporting employees with Long-Covid, continuing to manage the risk of contamination (this includes an updated Risk Assessment template for you) and […]

Electrical safety at home and at work – how safe are you?

Did you know the London Fire Brigade attend on average 24 fires each week that have been started by chargers, batteries and cables?  (Ref: London-fire.gov.uk) It’s frightening to think that a complete house or business can be destroyed, and lives put in danger due to unintentional misuse of phone or laptop chargers, or any other electrical item for that […]

The importance of proper play equipment safety checks

Back in January of this year the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council was sentenced after a five-year-old girl died when playground equipment collapsed on top of her at Mile End Park.  Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard that the accident occurred when part of the play equipment gave way after the young girl was swinging on […]