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Motor’s manufacturing company prosecuted after employee severs finger

An electric motors and gearbox manufacturer has been prosecuted after an employee’s little finger was severed from her right hand. On 16 September 2019 an employee of Parvalux Electric Motors Limited was injured at their Bournemouth site when she became entangled in an exposed rotating shaft during the final test of a running motor on […]

Manufacturing company fined after worker loses part of hand

Laxtons Limited, a West Yorkshire manufacturing company, has been fined for safety breaches after a worker lost part of their hand in a textile machine. On 24 March 2021 an employee of Laxtons Limited was running a number of textile machines. When he opened a guard to check on a build-up of fibres, he reached […]

Spring manufacturer sentenced after worker severs fingers

A spring manufacturing company has been fined after an employee had two fingers of his right hand severed whilst attempting to lubricate a bandsaw. Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard how, a labourer employed by Hanson Springs Ltd in Rochdale was assisting in the cutting back department to cut sections of steel spring using a vertical bandsaw […]

Builder fined after contractor sustains serious injuries in a roof collapse

A self-employed builder has been fined after a contractor working for him suffered serious injuries when a single-story roof he was demolishing by hand, collapsed at a construction site in Cobham, Surrey. Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard that, the contractor was standing on the roof of a partially demolished single-story extension of a domestic building undergoing […]