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£54k fine after modified podium steps led to serious injury

A two metre fall has left a worker with fractured vertebrae after podium steps toppled over. How did a recognised safe method of working at height result in life-changing injuries? A worker was welding components on a site in Peterborough. In order to access the job he was required to work at height, and did so […]

Police feel the force over electric shock accident

An employee was installing data cables at Bridgend Police Station. The work entailed pulling cables through a ceiling void, and whilst he was doing so he came into contact with the exposed end of a live 3-core electric cable. The shock caused damage to his heart muscles. The charges brought against South Wales Police Headquarters were that […]

Flybe fined for lift shaft fall

Airline company Flybe has been fined £100,000 in connection with an employee’s fall into a lift shaft. An employee was moving a loaded lift trolley in the tool department of Hanger 2 at Exeter airport. Somehow during this task an employee fell to the bottom of a lift shaft, sustaining several broken bones. Following the incident, […]

HSE advises on the importance of fitting RPE correctly

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is advising healthcare workers currently using respiratory protective equipment (RPE) on the importance of ensuring it is fitted correctly. A respirator that is incorrectly fitted will not protect the wearer. Tight-fitting respirators rely on having a good seal with the wearer’s face. It is vital that before using a […]

Firm’s assessments missed vital risks of electrocution

A company has been fined after failing to protect its self-employed workers from the risk of a cable strike explosion or electrocution. Coventry Magistrates’ Court was told that, two self-employed workers received serious burns to their hands whilst using a drill to attach a pre-fabricated cowling to a cable tray at AVL Powertrain, Viggen Way, […]