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Manufacturing company fined after worker loses part of hand

Laxtons Limited, a West Yorkshire manufacturing company, has been fined for safety breaches after a worker lost part of their hand in a textile machine. On 24 March 2021 an employee of Laxtons Limited was running a number of textile machines. When he opened a guard to check on a build-up of fibres, he reached […]

Glass company fined £80,000 after worker injured in fall from height

A glass manufacturing company has been fined £80,000 after a worker sustained serious injuries when he fell through a roof. A worker at NSG Pilkington (UK) Ltd stepped from a load bearing roof to a fragile roof at Pilkington premises in St Helens and fell nearly three meters to the floor below.  He sustained life […]

Four day week??

The not-for-profit group, 4 Day Week Global, have started a six-month pilot of a four-day working week. Around 70 employers across the UK are taking part in the pilot, with around 77,00 employees affected by the study. The study is inspired by other international countries such as Denmark and Sweden, where a four-day working week […]

The Humble Vacuum

The humble vacuum cleaner – we all use them at least weekly at home, but these seemingly insignificant things are left in cupboards until we plug them in, and they then spring to life making our floors and carpets free from pet hair and grime (where does all that dirt actually come from?). No, I haven’t […]

Warehouse owner fined after worker falls 30 feet through skylight

A Blackburn based warehouse owner has been fined after an employee of a roofing contractor Nizamuddin Gorji fell approximately 30 feet through a glass skylight on a warehouse roof resulting in severe life changing injuries. Preston Crown Court heard that roofing contractor Nizmuddin Gorji was engaged by Floors ‘n’ Carpets Limited of Gate Street, Blackburn […]