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More Than Just a Tick Box

I think we’re all guilty at least once in our life of sitting in a classroom or training session and thinking “when am I ever going to use this?!”. But First Aid is a skill that can be lifesaving in or out of the workplace. After a recent experience, our Compliance Manager Natalie Hurdwell had in which one of her family members was unconscious for over 30 minutes before help arrived. Read her story here https://bit.ly/3Iu0g5i

Here at SK, we have been left asking ourselves would we know what to do in a medical emergency? So today, we’ve answered some questions we’ve had about First Aid.

“Isn’t First Aid just bumps, bruises and CPR?”
In short, no! First Aid courses cover a whole lot more than you’d initially think.

First Aid at Work is a versatile course that will take you through CPR, burns and many other life-threatening conditions and injuries. The course also highlights the often-overlooked areas such as talking to casualties and keeping them calm as well as how to manage an emergency. With three days of high trainer interaction, practical and theory work you’ll have the peace of mind to approach situations both in and out of the workplace and stay cool, calm and collected under pressure.

“I’m not sure what I need, can you help?”
Our team is happy to help you with working out what your workplace or you as an individual need.

We understand that not every workplace or individual is the same – so why would their first aid needs be? Our trainers can offer a variety of courses, so we can ensure you’re getting the comprehensive learning you need. From Paediatric First Aid to training on how to use defibrillators. 

“What about people’s mental health?”
Mental health is as important as physical health for people’s well-being.

Getting a deeper understanding of mental health issues, learning how to communicate effectively with someone at a crisis point and then signpost them to services that can further help is the aim of the 2-day Mental Health First Aid course. We also offer Wellbeing Champion courses to train employees to be well-being advocates in the workplace, they will have the knowledge and practical tools to promote mental, physical, social, and financial wellbeing whilst driving engagement. 

Training is such an important part of our lives. We work with colleagues for so many hours of the day it often feels like we see them more regularly than our own families. So why not ask yourself, do you have enough first aid cover in your workplace? 

Our training department works with employers and businesses of all types but also community groups and individuals. From open courses to bespoke on-site arrangements, talk to them today about your requirements. 

One of our recent Emergency First Aid at Work courses. With a great review and a fabulous group photo.
‘Just a quick note to say thank you for sending such an amazing trainer for today’s Emergency First Aid Training. The interaction (and the noise) from the training room was incredible! I received really lovely feedback from each attendee after completing the course, particularly how well the course materials were delivered.’

Our team are here to help. To find out more information or discuss your first aid training needs talk to our Training Team by calling 01427 420 405 or email faye@skaltd.co.uk