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Make Blue Monday a Brew Monday!

This Blue Monday, 17 January, Samaritans is reminding everyone to reach out for a cuppa and a catch-up with the people you care about on ‘Brew Monday‘.

We can always make time for a cuppa and a catch-up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Monday morning or Saturday night, or if you’re drinking green tea, black coffee or orange juice. If you’re sharing a cuppa and listening, you’re doing it right.
Why ‘Brew Monday’?
The third Monday in January is sometimes referred to as ‘the most difficult day of the year’, but Samaritans know there’s no such thing as a ‘Blue Monday’ – we all have our good days and our bad days, and those aren’t really for the calendar to decide.So stop being ‘blue’ and instead start a conversation over a brew! ​Reach out and connect with family, friends, loved ones, but as it’s a ‘work day’, why not reach out to a colleague, especially if, like many of us, we’re working from home and missing the social interaction we enjoy in the workplace.

Need support?
If you’re in distress and want someone to talk to, please call Samaritans on 116 123 – their phone lines are open all, day every day and they’re free.

What can you do as an employer?
Employees are an organisation’s biggest asset, so it’s important, and beneficial to all, to take care of their physical and mental health – not just on specific dates throughout the year, but on a continuous basis.

Which is why we have added Mental Health and Wellbeing to our Training offering, which includes advice, free resources, downloads, training courses and signposting to helpful organisations.

There are a number of mental health and wellbeing courses available, the key one being the Mental Health First Aider course – we highly recommend training more than one person in your organisation, no matter how small you are. If you need help putting together a suitable mental health and wellbeing training programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our training team.

We’ve added lots of free advice and resources to our website to help you to start the conversation in the workplace. Visit SK Training’s Mental Health & Wellbeing pages here, where you will find:Employer checklist for creating wellbeing in the workplaceMental Health First Aid Action PlanMental Health Training CoursesDownloadable resourcesUseful links and organisations

“I found the mental health first aid course a great tool to use in the workplace. It has meant that the company can support staff, not only with physical first aid but their mental first aid as well, which is just as important. We have seen first-hand the effects that mental health issues can have on staff, and us being able to support them has meant not only have we been able to retain our skilled staff, whom we have invested time and money into, but we have given them the ability to stay in work during a difficult time. 

We believe that as an employer, we are responsible for our employees’ health and wellbeing, and supporting them through a difficult time is part of our duties. We have seen a huge improvement with absences, quality of work and the overall attitude of our staff since being able to offer them the support they need. Overall, the course has been a great asset to the business and I would highly recommend any company undertake it to help improve their employee engagement.”
Vanliners Ltd

Your employees’ rights at work
With so many news stories and awareness days regarding mental health and wellbeing at this time of year, it’s important to remember that a key contributory factor in your employees’ mental health is for them to feel comfortable at work, knowing that they will not be discriminated against.

In fact, as an employer you have a duty of care to protect staff from bullying or harassment, either from colleagues or third parties, and protect them from discrimination.

Our HR team can help with all aspects of HR and Employment Law, including employee handbooks and specific policies surrounding wellbeing and discrimination.

Our Training team can also organise a wide variety of training, including Mental Health First Aider Training.

We all need to talk more about mental health and no one should feel ashamed or afraid to discuss their mental health issues at work.
Did you know…12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditionsIncluding mental health provision at work can save UK businesses up to £8 billion1 in 5 people take a day off due to stress, yet 90% of these people cited a different reason for their absence9% of employees who disclosed mental health issues to their line manager reported being disciplined, dismissed or demoted*

If you want to do more to look after your employees’ mental health and wellbeing, start a conversation with our Training Team today. Call 01427 420 405 or email faye@skaltd.co.uk