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Coronavirus: Latest Government Guidance

Following yesterday’s briefing by the government, please see below further guidance and advice for employers and employees.

  • The government has advised on further reduced social contact and businesses can support this by reducing any unnecessary travel. Therefore it is recommended that alternatives are considered to client appointments, such as holding these over the phones or electronically e.g. Skype
  • The government has recommended, where possible, companies start to introduce home working. Relevant provision should be set up to allow for this and companies are sending out questionnaires to get a better understanding on the capacity of homeworking. Please find attached a template questionnaire that may be of some use.
  • It has been advised that these rules are more pertinent to those over the age of 70 and pregnant workers. Therefore, it is advised companies consider any workers that fit into these categories and put the relevant provision in place. The same would apply for other employees who suffer with chronic illnesses.
  • For any person who is now showing symptoms of the Coronavirus (a new persistent cough or a high temperature) it is advised that not only they, but the whole household self-isolate for 14 days.
  • As per the government emergency legislation last week, employees absent with Coronavirus related illnesses will be eligible for SSP from day one and there is no requirement for the three waiting days. 
  • Where employees are required to self-isolate to limit the impact on business, a range of possibilities should be explored, such as home working or allowing individuals to take holidays to cover this period. 
  • Where employees have to stay at home to look after children, consider emergency time off for dependents or parental leave.