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Staying safe while working in hot weather

With the Met Office predicting a hot summer when Britain is likely to be hit by heatwaves and temperatures set to reach the mid 30°Cs, employers must ensure that they keep their employees safe while ensuring that their businesses remain productive during the heatwave. Working in excessive heat is not only uncomfortable but can be […]

More Than Just a Tick Box

I think we’re all guilty at least once in our life of sitting in a classroom or training session and thinking “when am I ever going to use this?!”. But First Aid is a skill that can be lifesaving in or out of the workplace. After a recent experience, our Compliance Manager Natalie Hurdwell had […]

The Humble Vacuum

The humble vacuum cleaner – we all use them at least weekly at home, but these seemingly insignificant things are left in cupboards until we plug them in, and they then spring to life making our floors and carpets free from pet hair and grime (where does all that dirt actually come from?). No, I haven’t […]

Should you be granting the extra bank holiday?

With the long bank holiday weekend, which includes both the delayed late May bank holiday and the additional bank holiday to mark the Queen’s Jubilee, fast approaching, it feels like the appropriate time to recap on whether you have to grant the additional bank holiday on Friday 3rd June to your employees.   In essence, it will […]

Are you throwing money away?

Running a business is harder than ever right now, what with coming out of the pandemic, supply issues and now the seemingly daily rise in energy prices, so, while not strictly a ‘health and safety’ topic, we thought we’d offer a bit of friendly advice on how to save some money where you can, with […]