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£57k fine for theme park after worker severed fingers on circular saw

A theme park has been fined £57,000 after an employee severed four fingers and his thumb using a circular saw.

The accident happened at Twinlakes in Leicestershire when the maintenance worker was cutting wood. Northampton magistrates heard he had pressed stop when he finished, but caught his hand on the rotating blade. 

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said the company had failed to fit a brake on the saw and failed to provide appropriate training for its staff.  B B & B Leisure Parks Limited, which operates the theme park near Melton Mowbray, pleaded guilty to both breaches.

The HSE said fitting the brake on the saw would have ensured the blade stopped safely when it was switched off.  A spokesman for Twinlakes’ operator B B & B Leisure Parks said the firm “deeply regret the accident”.

He added: “This was an isolated incident involving a member of staff who used a piece of equipment in the workshop without the required authorisation.” 

The company added there had been a review of its health and safety systems and it was continuing to support the injured member of staff.