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£48,000 fine after worker crushed in lift

An employee of Walkabout bar in Swansea was using a goods lift to transport heavy chairs. So that he was able to fit eight chairs in the lift in one go, he overrode a safety mechanism allowing the inner door to remain open. However, as the lift moved up from the basement level, the leg of […]

Simple guide to protecting lone workers

The HSE has revised its brief guide for employers on the actions they should take to protect their lone workers from harm. What’s covered and what changes have been made since the previous revision? A lone worker is someone who works by themselves without close or direct supervision. Lone workers can be found in all industries. They […]

Don’t let alterations burn down your building

If you’re considering an extension using a timber-framed construction it’s essential to ensure that the fire risks are managed throughout the build phase. In 2017, E Manton Ltd, a timber frame designer, MTE (Leicester) Ltd, a manufacturer and installer and Thornton-Firkin LLP, a principal designer were working together on a project at a residential care […]

£160,000 fine after child killed by runaway pole

An employee of SPIE Ltd dropped off overhead power poles to a roadside embankment in an Ayreshire village. They were left at the top of a slope and were not secured in any way. Later, a group of children were playing in the area. 12 year old Kieran Esquierdo was standing on one of the 10-metre long, […]

£50k fine after delivery truck hit overhead line

A court has heard how a vehicle contacted an overhead power line whilst it was delivering materials. A driver brought a tipper truck of stone on to his employer’s ready mix concrete plant. The truck driver was instructed to tip his load in close proximity to 11,000 volt overhead power lines. During the tipping procedures the vehicle […]