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£100,000 fine for farm owner after worker was killed by a tractor

A farm owner has been fined after a worker died when he was struck by a tractor in Cumbria. JS Wood and Son, which owns Wragmire Bank Farm in Cumwhinton, Cumberland, has been fined £100,000 and ordered to pay £7,310 costs. The accident happened when one of the farm’s employees walked out of the calf […]

Director jailed and Liverpool company fined after worker killed

A Liverpool-based waste and recycling company has been fined and its director has been jailed after the death of a 39-year-old worker. Gaskell’s (North West) Limited and Jonathan Gaskell were sentenced both for their part in the death of Polish national Zbigniew Galka, and for continuing to operate the same baling machine in a dangerous […]

Coach firm loses licence after being found to be “grossly non-compliant”

A “dangerous” coach firm that operated school runs and carried professional sports teams has had its licence revoked by a traffic commissioner. Airlynx Express “put people at serious risk from tired drivers”, commissioner Kevin Rooney ruled.  The firm, which drove teams including Hampshire Cricket Club and Portsmouth Football Club, was “rotten to the core” over […]

£80,000 fine for company who failed to recognise hand arm vibration risk

British Airways Avionic Engineering Limited has been fined for failing to assess the risk to workers from hand arm vibration. Cardiff Crown Court heard how people working at the company were exposed to vibration from use of a wet blasting cabinet and vibrating hand tools. It was not until late in 2013 that action was […]

Company fined after agency worker injured on waste conveyor

A haulage and waste processing business has been fined after an agency worker’s hand was drawn into an in running nip on a waste sorting conveyor. Telford Magistrates Court heard how an 18-year-old agency worker was trying to clear a blockage beneath a waste conveyor belt. He reached in with his hand to remove the […]